I am beyond excited to let you know about my other baby that I have poured my heart and soul into. Introducing my book:

Holistic Nutrition cover

This is THE book to help you absolutely rock your hormone balance for optimal health, happiness and hotness (in all senses of the word). I give you simple strategies around food, movement, stress management and self-love so you can achieve your goals, be confident and comfortable in yourself, and go through each day bursting at the seams with energy and joy!

A little sneak peek at what’s in store for you in this all-encompassing wellness “bible”:

  • Why I recommend using an ancestral template to build a lifestyle that will help you attain optimal wellness (and what exactly this means. Hint: it’s definitely not “paleo” as you know it)
  • What your hormones do, and how things look when they are working well
  • What happens when your hormones go haywire
  • Why a healthy gut and liver are essential to happy hormones, and how to support these organs
  • The best way to eat for your individual needs (plus a handy meal plan and delicious recipes)
  • How to train so you feel amazing and reach your goals in a sustainable and healthy way (plus specific training plans for different individual wants and needs)
  • How to manage your stress levels to keep your hormones balanced
  • Why you need to be kind to yourself. What this means, and how to do it.

Who needs this book?

Are you a woman? Yes? Then you need this book.

I wrote this book for women like me – those who have found themselves up the proverbial hormone creek without a paddle after years of over-training and under-eating, or perhaps just being an absolute stress-head.

I wrote this book for the women who might have been following a paleo-style diet, which is working great for Joe-next-door, but seems to be taking things in a less-than-desirable direction for them.

I wrote it for the women who have been told that they would be unable to fall pregnant naturally and would need fertility treatment, with no alternatives offered.

I wrote it for the women who need to lose weight and are advised to ‘just eat less and exercise more’, even though they have been doing that to no avail for the past umpteen years.

I wrote it for the women who are sick and tired of being told that their hormones-gone-bad symptoms are ‘just-a-fact-of-being-a-lady-and-accept-it-or- take-a-pill’.

If you would like to look better, feel better, and bounce through each and every day with vigour and vitality, then this book is for you.

Praise from beautiful people

Sarah Wilson headshot“Hormone health and ditching diet and fitness fads is the (refreshing!) future of wellness. Kate is on the cutting edge of this, walking her talk” – Sarah Wilson, Journalist, Bestselling Author, and Founder of I Quit Sugar

“This is a book every woman should read, and I don’t say that lightly. Understanding how our Cass MJhormones affect us on every level is so important if we want to live a healthy, balanced and happy life, and Kate is the ultimate guide. She’ll walk you through how to understand your body, heal your body, and love your body… with the foundational goal of helping you live a holistic, healthy and hormonally-balanced life. I couldn’t put this book down, and I’m so glad I didn’t! I urge you to get your own copy, and treasure it the way you must treasure yourself.” Cassie Mendoza-Jones, Author of “You Are Enough”, Kinesiologist, Naturopath

Libby Babet“This book is like a deep and wonderful conversation with your (very smart and clued in) best friend. It’s so easy to read, full of home truths and simple steps to help you adjust your approach to nutrition and training in order to get your gut and hormones on track, manage stress, improve fertility and ultimately, embrace your femininity. I loved it from the very first chapter!” – Libby Babet, Founder of Agoga and BUF Girls, Fitness expert for Women’s Fitness magazine

“Holistic Nutrition is a must read for any woman. Kate makes understanding the body MM sisters(especially hormones) easy and most importantly she provides the actions we all should take to reach our optimal health. With so much information being thrown at us, it’s so refreshing to have all we need to know in one place and feel confident that we’re making positive decisions with our nutrition and lifestyle. Thank you Kate! Finally a book that makes sense for us women!” – Emma & Carla Papas AKA The MerryMaker Sisters

Mikki Williden profile“This book is for any woman who wants to optimise their health – whether you are someone who has a specific health concern, or you might not feel 100% but not be sure why, or you feel great and want to have the knowledge that helps you stay that way, Kate has done an amazing job of addressing all of the factors that impact our wellbeing on an day to day basis.

Not only does she explain how our food, activity, sleep and exercise patterns can either adversely affect or enhance our health, she also covers other fundamentals that are often missed in health-related books, such as our perceived stress, our relationships (including our relationship with ourselves) and our own beliefs and emotions.

She provides solid scientific information that is threaded with personal experience, adding in humour that anyone who has read her first book has come to expect. Combined with her warmth and empathy, this makes it an accessible read for all women. Kate keeps it real with her recommendations, and the take home messages in each chapter are practical and realistic. This really is a book that shows us how to bring the ancestral underpinnings of health into the modern day world to help us first understand, and then address areas that need attention. I highly recommend that every woman read this book, especially those that feel they are too busy, too stressed or too tired to do so.” – Mikki Williden, Ph.D Registered Nutritionist

“In Holistic Nutrition, Kate offers a clear, easy to follow guide to wellness for women. In Claire Deeksclassic Kate style the writing is straight talking with plenty of humour. It’s an amazing resource for all women wanting to look and feel better – but particularly to those facing issues with conceiving, weight loss/gain, fatigue and general hormone imbalance (even or especially to those women having these problems that already consider themselves “healthy”). As a self confessed “nutrition-nerd” Kate gives us plenty of information on what to eat and why (the science behind the recommendations and even a meal plan and recipes) but her book covers so much more than food with chapters of exercise, stress and self care. I love this book and will be recommending it to all of my friends and followers” – Claire Deeks, Real food advocate and blogger at Dom’s Kitchen

Alison Morgan“Kate has poured her wealth of knowledge and expertise into this book focusing on hormone health. Her ‘easy to understand’ approach and explanation allows for many ah-ha moments. Congratulations Kate on creating such a wonderful book to help many women around the globe reach their optimal health!” Alison Morgan, Health and Wellness Business Coach and Founder of Relauncher

“Kate takes a truly holistic and evidence-based approach to helping women eat, move, and Laura Schoenfeldlive in a way that supports their healthiest hormones. Far from dogmatic, she provides easy-to-implement guidelines in a fun and refreshing way with lots of humor sprinkled in amongst the educational bits. My favorite part about this book is Kate’s attention to the whole woman. Instead of claiming to know the “perfect” diet and exercise plan we should all follow for optimal health, Kate recognizes that there are many different ways to eat that can all support a woman’s health and there is no one-size-fits-all plan. She also emphasizes the impact that stress, sleep, socialization, and self-love has on our health, and stresses those factors as non-negotiables in a world where women are expected to look perfect while doing it all. Kate teaches women how to embrace their naturally beautiful bodies in a way that both appreciates the wisdom of ancestral health principles and deepens our understanding that there is more to life than the pursuit of a perfect body. This book should be required reading for any woman who wants to start a well balanced, Paleo-inspired diet and get her hormones working for her, not against her.- Laura Schoenfeld, MPH, RD

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The book will be available on Amazon once it is released in the US (March 2017), but if you would like a copy before then, shoot me an email (kate@theholisticnutritionist.com) and I can organise for one to be sent to you.